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Making carpet work for you

Looking for a brand new floor covering can be an overwhelming task, but focusing on carpet flooring can take a bit of the weight off. It’s not only a stunning addition to the aesthetics of any room, but it has tons of benefits that can really work to serve the purposes we have for our homes. While not a perfect fit for every room, especially those that are damp and humid, it can still be a foundation to build upon, no matter where it’s placed. In fact, many homeowners are finding its recent benefits list to be increasingly intriguing.

At Pandolfi House of Carpets & Flooring, you’ll find an extensive selection of high-quality floor coverings and related products as well as service you can truly count on when you need it. Serving the communities of Springfield, Broomall, Newton Square, Havertown, and Media, our showroom is located in Springfield, PA.

We invite you to stop by if you’re in need or a floor covering for your own home. Our flooring professionals are standing by to assist you with all your needs and answer any questions you may have concerning your project.

Types of carpet

BERBER carpet got its name from the bulky wool, which was textured and used by a tribe in North Africa, "The Berber Tribe". The Berber carpet, which we have today, follows this same tradition as it is made of bulky, freckled yarns, which create a beautiful carpet.

FRIEZE is a smart choice for high traffic areas in your home. Tightly twisted yarns give friezés a contemporary look and make it a smart choice for any active part of your home. This style is less likely to show vacuum marks or footprints than other cut pile styles.

LOOP carpet has complete yarn loops that stand upright. Loops tend to wear better than cut-pile carpets because the yarn tips are not exposed. With these, yarn wears on the sides, not the ends, and the twist is automatically maintained.

PLUSH carpet, which is also known as cut-pile carpet. The looped ends of the plush carpet's fibers are evenly sheared off during manufacturing and twisted in the same direction to make the carpet perfectly flat. This process gives plush carpet its luxurious, rich look. Plush carpet often comes in a single color.

Carpet characteristics

FOOTPRINTS: All carpet will exhibit footprints or depressions caused by foot steps. Some Texture may reveal less shading but all carpets will exhibit footprints to some degree.

Highlighting and shading are differences in light reflection between surface areas and are not defects. Some carpet construction exhibit more footprints, vacuum/sweeper marks, highlighting or shading than others.

SEAMS: There is no such thing as an invisible seam. While some carpet styles hide the seams more easily than others, the seams can always be located by an experienced professional. Even the carpet industry definition of seam, the line formed by joining the edge of two pieces of carpet, indicates a visible line. Many customers feel that seams should be invisible but this is often unrealistic. Many times a seam is more visible immediately following installation do to the stretch which is placed on the carpet. This stretch allows the carpet backing to line up with the seam tape causeing the seam to peak. This peaking will subside as the carpet relaxes.

SHEDDING: Shedding is a normal characteristic of staple fibers and should decrease with vacuuming over a period of time.

MATTING OR CRUSHING: Texture change known as matting or crushing will occur in all carpets. Matting is usually the result of the untwisting of the yarn and intermingling of the yarn tips and is the result of foot traffic. Matting is not considered a manufacturer defect.

LOCALLY CAUSED SOILING OR STAINING: Stain resistance does not mean the carpet won't stain or soil. Locally caused staining or soiling is not a defect in the material.


Brands of Carpet

We carry all major brands like: Beaulieu, Mohawk, Shaw, Tuftex, Bliss, Stanton and more. We make it easy for you to select the perfect flooring. Our expert staff will give you the personal attention big chain stores simply can't match. Stop by our showroom before buying your next carpet.
Luxury carpet in Springfield, PA from Pandolfi House of Carpets & Flooring

Carpet benefits you'll love

In addition to being the only soft surface floor covering available, carpet offers so many benefits, you’re sure to find a few that meet your needs perfectly. The soft and luxurious underfoot feel is perfect for those chilly winter mornings, as the material also retains heat very well. Acting as an extra layer of insulation, carpet flooring also helps reduce in-house noise for a more peaceful environment, and it’s an amazing surface on which small children enjoy playing.

For those who worry about staining, you’ll be happy to know that some manufacturers have created carpet fibers that have the stain protection built right in. These fibers never allow spills to soak into the fiber, which means you’ll never see another permanent stain. What’s more, your floors will be easier to clean, but the protection stays in place, shampoo after shampoo. Forget reapplying harsh chemicals to your flooring, as you won’t have to do that.

The creation of hypoallergenic fibers has proved to be incredibly beneficial to allergy sufferers. Allergens such as dust, dander, and pollen are now trapped in your carpet’s fibers, rendered helpless, and await the next vacuuming when they’ll be permanently done away with. Every homeowner can breathe easier with benefits like this in place.

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